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But dates can be extremely expensive, and maybe you're not trying to spend a small fortune on an overpriced dinner and a movie in a crowded theater with sticky floors and no privacy.

If that’s the case, then we suggest you order in, or even better yet cook a meal together, and press play on one of the 25 best romantic movies streaming on Netflix right now.

He’ll do whatever it takes to win her trust and get her to reveal her secrets, even seduce her. t from her past that is breathing down her neck in the form of super creepy mean and/or cheesy men. Add a bunch of twists and turns and this is one book YOU HAVE TO PAY ATTENTION TO. I'd say this would work best for readers of Roxanne St.

As Erica and Lee struggle to conceal their real agendas, the one thing they can’t hide is the attraction that burns hot between them. Synopsis: Damn, there's a lot going on here and I'm not sure I'll do it the justice it deserves. She's determined to right things even if it means sacrificing her freedom. Inte There are books that grab you and then books that GRAB you. Claire (in her romantic suspense days) and Elisabeth Naughton.

Hours of soothing relaxation can be undone in seconds as you depart the comfort of the spa bubble and find yourself immediately snarled up in a traffic jam or pressed up against a commuter’s ripe armpit in a cramped train carriage.

A protein-rich formula is then applied which penetrates the hair cuticle and replenishes lost nutrients from within.

Friday night usually means date night, and if you don’t have something planned, you can get yourself into a bit of trouble.

After a three course dinner in The Mansion I’m offered a trip back to my room on the back of a golf cart – but even I pass on that.

Besides, there is something magical about walking through the grounds at night, surrounded by statutes glowing under the moonlight.


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