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A group of lawmakers in Russia’s State Duma has written to the heads of federal television channels urging them not to disseminate “pseudoscientific information about the end of the world.'Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, Emergency Situations Minister Vladimir Puchkov, and Gennady Onishchenko, the country’s chief health inspector, have felt the need to weigh in to discourage rumors about the Earth’s pending demise.

This is a list of cosmonauts who have taken part in the missions of the Soviet space program and the Russian Federal Space Agency, including ethnic Russians and people of other ethnicities.

I am a 50 yr-old, single, white American male and on November 21, I received a response to an ad I had at from a writer whose screen name was Alya222.

After her first letter, she wrote me from [email protected] have posted some of her letters below.

In fact, NASA is so confident the world will not end that it has already prepared and released a video for December 22 that explains to bewildered believers exactly why the world will have kept turning.

Pavlovsky said the idea of holding a party at the bunker, which has served as a museum since 2006, came from visitors keen to mark the end of an era in the Maya Long Count calendar due at sunrise on December 21 - an event interpreted by some groups as the end of days.'There'll be a children's room with cartoons, for adults there'll be movies, talks dedicated to the end of the world and tours of the museum. 'A hotel on the slopes of Mount Rtanj in Serbia is selling itself as the best place to survive the apocalypse, basing its promise on the mystical powers that locals say have flooded the area since the mountain swallowed a castle belonging to a well-to-do sorcerer, trapping him inside.In 1982, as an extension of the Intercosmos program, the Soviet Union began to fly the citizens of countries not part of the Soviet bloc, starting with Jean-Loup Chrétien of France.The USSR and later Russia have transported 49 citizens of 18 other nations on the Soyuz vehicle, usually as part of a commercial arrangement, including seven space tourists flying through the Space Adventures contract.Oddly, the industrial city of Novokuznetsk has witnessed a run on salt.'People have been talking about the end of the world a lot lately, so we decided to joke about it,' Aleftina Popova, an employee at Marina Mendelson, the wedding agency offering the kits, says.'We came up with this kit to show people how to laugh about such things.'Russian officials, however, are not amused.All of them flew as a result of the Intercosmos program.


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