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Still another argued it wasn’t a solely American tradition at all, and I will say that I almost put my hand over my friend’s mouth when I realized she was going to say “Wipeout” and “Comedia dell’arte” in the same sentence. Contestants on “Wipeout” are to professional physical comedians what commenters are to Michiko Kakutani. It’s certainly not a sense of connection with the contestants.Yes, they are shown to us, and given names, but to call their introductory “bios” caricatures does a disservice to doodlers everywhere.Whatever the technique, there’s really no way past the impediment of Big Red Balls; you just have to suck them up and move on.Welcome, then, to “Wipeout,” ABC’s hit reality/comedy/obstacle course show, back now for a third season.However, it was widely requested for another episode and even a segment on KPopp's channel called Wipeout Wednesday, in which had not been continued.The series of episodes started on September 16, 2012 and ended on November 21, 2012.Be sure to remind kids that the stunts featured here are dangerous when not performed under supervision and using safety gear.Contestants are driven by typical game show greed, competing in grueling challenges for money.

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And to make sure the cycle is complete, there is an ‘Ex’s’ episode. We highlight and celebrate people slipping on the proverbial banana peel.

Remind kids that while many of the stunts seem silly or harmless, they can cause serious injury if tried at home.

" /While it's all meant in fun, the show does send a message that laughing at others' pain is OK.

Officially they’re called “The Red Balls,” or “The Big Balls,” but they actually look like the tops of huge mahl sticks—you know, those poles-with-a-knob-on-the-end that painters press against the canvas to avoid smudging their oils.

The idea—or, more exactly, the “idea”—is either to prance across the Balls in one go (should you be lucky enough to have the gait of a ten-storey giraffe), or else realize your human limitations and bounce gamefully off the first or second, thereby taking your obligatory dip in the murky brine below.


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