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I love helping others to take that first step to becoming a better developed man. He loves Brazil for its openness and travels there as much as possible to indulge in his favorite addictions – women, vacations, food, and alcohol.

In 2005, Bobby launched TSB Magazine with his friend Mike Stoute.

Paul Evans, Telegraph, 11/2/10 Twitter etc and the election: Is it worth the risk?

Brian Wheeler, BBC News, 10/2/10 Prime minister's questions Andrew Sparrow, Guardian, 10/2/10 Tories' Latest Campaign Poster Miranda Richardson, Sky News, 9/2/10 'Airbrushed for change' spoofs of David Cameron's election poster swamp the web Daily Mail, 9/2/10 This poster was asking for trouble Thomas Sutcliffe, Independent, 9/2/10 Airbrushed and changed: web users parody David Cameron campaign poster Larry Ryan, Independent, 1/2/10 David Cameron: the graffiti's on the wall Zoe Williams, Guardian, 30/1/10 Air-brushed Cameron gets an Elvis makeover on campaign poster Daily Mail, 22/1/10 'Vote Mr Sheen.

Murray Ball needs no introduction and of course The Cat's Pyjamas standard edition won the NZ Post Children’s Choice Award last year.

Laura was asked to nominate another housemate who would face the eviction this Friday alongside her, and she picked former The Valleys star Lateysha.

TSB connects men with the lifestyle choices available to them so they can successfully improve in different areas of life.Will Heaven, Telegraph, 19/2/10 Obama, Mr T, Fred Goodwin and the Labour Party Hattie Garlick, Times, 18/2/10 The man behind the Cameron spoofs Hattie Garlick, Times, 17/2/10 "I've never voted Labour before" but...Paul Waugh, Evening Standard, 17/2/10 Another Tory poster, another golden opportunity for spoofs Michael Savage, Independent, 16/2/10 Web satires trigger Tory ads rethink Andy Mc Smith and Nigel Morris, Independent, 15/2/10 Cameron press conference at Battersea Power Station – as it happened Andrew Sparrow, Guardian, 15/2/10 Emily Maitlis' Virtually There: Ad nauseam Emily Maitlis, BBC Newsnight, 12/2/10 New media, new politics? especially when the girl in question is Georgina Kincaid, a shape-shifting succubus who gets her energy from seducing men.First there's her relationship with gorgeous bestselling writer Seth Mortensen, which is unsatisfying on a number of levels.Well, almost Will Heaven, Telegraph, 29/3/10 Labour taps supporters' skills in general election poster competition Patrick Wintour, Guardian, 29/3/10 Amateur hour: Crowdsourcing the campaign Rory Cellan-Jones, BBC News, 29/3/10 The Tories' campaign is stuck in a time warp Clifford Singer, Evening Standard, 26/3/10 The Tory message isn't working... " Daniel Nogal, Pardon (Poland), 3/3/10 Seven Tory hiccups on the road to the general election Guardian, 1/3/10 Cyber spoofs launch digital election war Maurice Chittenden, Sunday Times, 28/2/10 Tories' election posters ridiculed by mickeytaking website Victoria Murphy, Mirror, 22/2/10 Has the political poster virtually had its day?


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