Tunisia an dating marriage

This website was the first who informed the broad public about bezness, not only in the internet, but as well through numerous articles and interviews in radio, TV, books and magazines.

Meanwhile, the term "Bezness" is also being used more and more in other languages, as well as traditional terms like "" to just name a few.

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He will then, accompanied by members of his family () to the fiance.

No Muslim woman can marry a non Muslim man in Tunisia this is considered de facto in Muslim countries even though some obscure imams have been rumoured to allow it I have yet to see it and it is certainly not the case in Tunisia.

If you're not willing to accept Islam at this point you may as well stop at this point, or decided to run away together and get married in your home country for good or bad it's the law.

By using the same single term in many languages, the awareness of "Bezness" has increased significantly in the past years in various countries all over the world.

But this phenomenon is, as of today, still being underestimated due to ignorance (), tries to achieve his goals by letting the other in the dark about his goals, in fact, he might even assume that the other side is also having hidden goals of which he is not aware of.


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