Updating to psp version 3 30

"did it." My wife's Dash ended up doing the update, but it must have been after a power outage or something because she says she didn't do it herself. someone can correct or clarify, but I honestly think the only thing the stupi d update did was write a message (in very small text) over the lower screen when you press the top button for menu. I wish Sony would at least do one last update to at least open it's firmware to allow open sourcing to people.

Is it possible and would it be good, to update Dash to an older firmware?

Moreover, reapplying the fix after restarting PSP takes only a few seconds.

the 'net has been filled with talk of a firmware update released for the psp that gives the handheld new abilities, such as web browsing, an e-mail client, and a word processor.

sony japan has now released a statement telling japanese psp customers (currently the only region to see the release of the machine) not to use the firmware, as it does not function properly.

check out a web site called something to the affect of – by khueppc's are cool, i deal with them at work, but psp is for me.

im happy with built in wifi and going to hotspots to check for email or football scores, or listening to mp3's, gaming and watching movies at the airport. – by moggeveryone seems to forget or ignore the fact the without a decent sized memory card(128 mb ) the psp's movie/mp3 usage is practically useless.


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