Dating in the dark restaurant london scottish farmers dating

A date at Dans Le Noir is not for the faint hearted. For a start, you don’t pick dishes, you pick a colour.Red for meat, Green for vegetarian, Blue for fish, and White for a surprise.I don’t know if you’ve seen the Richard Curtis film About Time.

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It’s a warm, touching and memorable film, in which Domnhall as Tim and Rachel Mc Adams as Mary, portray a love story that many can only dream of.

‘Ha,’ you may think to yourself, ‘there’s more chance of discovering how to time travel in a wardrobe than there is of stumbling upon such a place’.

Yet, against all plausibility, such a place exists – the charming and welcoming Dans Le Noir? It’s in London (of course), just a short walk from Farringdon train and tube station and has been doing its thang for a decade now.

Officially I went there to celebrate this milestone and to see if it was possible to differentiate between wines in pitch black.

Unofficially, I went in the hope of meeting the wardrobe time-traveling, ginger love of my life.


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