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Each and every client will feel in our parlor as if in a dream without willing to wake up. Mikas ir Karen: «Beveik praradus viltį rasti tą vienintelę aš pagaliau radau jos pažinčių profilį ir supratau — tai moteris su kuria noriu praleisti savo visą gyvenimą!Dabar mes laimingai susituoke ir ką tik nusipirkome savo pirmuosius namus!Providing an online social networking and dating site rolled into one, under one domain worldwide, free to join anywhere in the world, bringing members together via video chat, live chat, instant message and much much more with over 40 different features and all this with No Ads and No Popups, just a simple, clean site where member details are not shared with any third parties or affiliates and completely in our members hands.Suga Dady offers a sugar daddy dating site and apps for sugar daters from any sexual orientation and any countries. My name is - Mano vardas Pleased to meet you - Malonu susipažinti Sorry/excuse me - Atsiprašau Yes - Taip No - Ne Please - Prašau Thank you - Dekoju You're welcome - Prašom Good - Geras I don't understand - Aš nesuprantu Goodbye - Viso gero There are no evil intentions here. I can see you point and reason why you think Lithuania as the Northern Europe. utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=rss Btw that may not be the best example because it is possible to interpret that Lithuania is meant to be aside from those five countries. It's just another variant of saying it (I'm not sure where it comes from either). “ The name of city is the last thing I would except as an answer, but „koks tai miestas?


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