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According to the Kinsey Institute, average frequency of sexual intercourse in US is 112 times per year (age 18–29), 86 times per year (age 30–39), and 69 times per year (age 40–49).

In the English law of homicide, manslaughter is a less serious offence than murder, the differential being between levels of fault based on the mens rea (Latin for "guilty mind").

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It is not a screen-capture recorder, video quality is not affected at all if you resize Skype video windows while recording. Capture original Skype video and audio data to record with high quality.

In human sexuality, a sex life is a sector of a person's day-to-day existence which may involve sexual activity or represent the absence of sexual activity.

In general parlance, the term can have many sub-meanings and social layers, but generally includes the following: and that average frequency of intercourse declines with age.

There's no such thing that "stereotypic" Uzbek woman.

It is said that Tashkent has a booming underground prostitution industry.


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    Helping matters greatly was the timeline: It was pre-AIDS and before the lessons of recreational drug use taught us that cocaine was not an appropriate status symbol.

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    If you meet someone you like you can unlock a 3D Sex Room for a fee and have interactive 3D sex with that person´s avatar in a realistic multiplayer based 3D environment.

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    It's a natural part of growing up to develop romantic feelings and sexual attractions to others.